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Hot Tub Piece (I-III)

January - April 2023

Fiberglass, linear actuator motors, ceramic, epoxy, vinyl, styrofoam, video, other mixed media

Hot Tub Piece II

Video of the artist segmenting the sculptural work with a chainsaw

Born out of a fetish-driven longing for ergonomic consumer objects, and constructed in an historic Estonian metal casting hangar where countless busts of Soviet leaders were produced, the Hot Tub Piece series exists as an anomalous emblem of the architecture of leisure and desire, and the absurd incursion of late capitalist values into unexpected terrain. The artist's inevitable failure to replicate a sleek factory-direct facade has instead resulted in a Cronenbergian edifice; more closely resembling a cavernous relic which has become host to its own ecosystem. 

Dotted across the preened backyards of American suburbia is a variegated colony of hot tubs, many of which will inevitably become waste due to the negligence of their purchasers and the complexity of their mechanization. This work attempts to contemplate the membrane between the acquisition of luxury goods and the moment when they become waste, and speculate on the consequences, both individual and global.

For the group show Entropy Gauntlet 

at EKA Gallery in Tallinn, Estonia (06.04-29.04.2023), the work was displayed on a wall, mounted on linear actuator motors which expanded and contracted the shattered pieces; placing it in a cycle of undeath.

The motors were sourced from a Latvian agricultural distributor who got them from a Polish manufacturer; despite the fact that they were each emblazoned with American flag decals.

Hot Tub Piece III

Motorized elements made in collaboration with engineer Dan Edelstein

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