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June 2018

Originally exhibited for Maiden Form at Andrew Edlin Gallery, Chinatown, Manhattan June 8 – July 28, 2018.

Intended to be viewed non-linearly, this video/sound piece was projected in the main stairwell leading down to the gallery in which Maiden Form was installed. It was the first piece encountered within the exhibition, and set the stage as such. For gallery patrons, moving through the stairwell became actively moving through the piece, for which I had also installed multi-directional sound. It was a sensorily immersive experience acting as an aesthetic sanitive or stimulant; preparing one's palette for the rest of the show, and subsequently cleansing it upon their departure.  

(Please feel free to skip around. Tone of piece changes around 11:00)

Filmed in the Pine Barrens, New Jersey with camera assistance from Anoushe' Shoja-Chaghorvand.

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